Precision Perfection: Leading the Industry in Printing Press Repair and Web Equipment Services since 1983

Specializing in the repair, service, machining, finishing, and relocation of industrial printing press systems, we have expertise in Harris, Goss, and Cottrell printing presses. Our services extend to clients in the USA, Canada, and Latin America.

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Fleming Enterprises began in 1983 and is now a leader in supplying, repairing, machining, and installing a turn-key printing system to web offset printing presses tailored to suit any company’s needs.

We repair your existing equipment. Our company provides these services throughout the United States and Latin America. No job is too big or too small. We install both heatset and coldset printing systems, along with related equipment. Our qualifications include actual press operation experience. Our team are experts in assessing a customers needs, and responding accordingly. In addition, some jobs require incorporating programmable logic controllers, or other control systems. Fleming will provide this as part of the installation or repair package as well.

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Unlocking Excellence in Printing Press Solutions:

  • Repairing & Maintaining
  • Web Equipment Services
  • Inspection Expertise
  • Consultation Support
  • Professional Training
  • Breakdown Repair
  • Cylinder & Roller Care
  • Precision Engineering
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Complete Overhaul
  • Perfect Parts Replacement
  • System Modification
  • Turnkey Operation
  • Transportation & Rigging
  • Seamless Press Moving

From Our President, Jeff Fleming:

At Fleming Enterprises, we prioritize serving our customers in the United States and Latin American countries. With over three decades of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services across nine categories, from turnkey operations to perfect parts. As Web Equipment Specialists, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing and high-quality work.

Whether you need web equipment, installation, breakdown service, parts, or press moving, we are your trusted partner. Having been pressmen ourselves, we understand how the product should look and perform. Mechanical and electrical precision is the name of our game.

Our experienced personnel possess complete diagnostic capabilities to enhance in-plant production and quality. We operate a twenty-four-hour answering service to minimize customer production losses because, at Fleming Enterprises, we care.

Feel confident in your printing press solutions with us.


Jeff Fleming
President: Fleming Enterprises

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